How would you like to select top candidates for your team without filtering through an overwhelming number of applications and resumes? PredictiveProfiles offers an online application and screening process that has proven to reduce turnover.

Here’s what some of our owners have to say:

“PredictiveProfiles has helped us streamline our hiring process, making it easier for our managers to identify top potential candidates”

– Bakers Square Owner

“We have seen a noticeable improvement in turnover and possibly more importantly, the efficiency that this system has created in our field offices is a tremendous timesaver and provides for a larger, more qualified candidate pool. Our field loves this system.”

– Lifetouch Owner

“We now know exactly which skills correlate with success in our culture, thanks to PredictiveProfiles and iSelect makes it easy to identify candidates who have those skills.”

– Nash Finch Owner

“I started using PredictiveProfiles in my highest turnover stores. I have seen about a 50% reduction in turnover in all of my stores, with my highest reduction being 67%. Predictive Profiles has been very effective in saving us money in turnover and assisting us in hiring better quality crew members.”

– Papa Murphy’s Owner

“Thanks to PredictiveProfiles, we’ve significantly decreased our hiring costs, and we’re able to identify and hire salespeople that performed.”

– Better Business Equipment Company Owner

“PredictiveProfiles’ reporting supplies us with valuable data that helps us capitalize on trends and improve the quality of the employees we hire.”

– Nash Finch Owner

“Before PredictiveProfiles, our average hire took 28 days. Now it takes less than 3. In addition to speeding up our hiring process, they also help us identify and hire the best candidates.”

– Highland Bank Owner

“With a constant stream of resumes that are automatically rank ordered, our franchise owners can focus more attention on operations.”

– Quiznos Owner

“As a call center, we are a very service-oriented business, and we expect the same from our vendors. PredictiveProfiles has a similar service philosophy. They have repeatedly demonstrated their understanding of our business and are truly committed to helping us hire the best employees.”

– Direct TV Owner

“We have used PredictiveProfiles for the last 9 months and are very happy with the quality of applications that we get. It has helped our managers screen who to interview and who not to interview. Crew turnover in the 3 stores that use it have dropped down to about 35-40%.”

– Papa Murphy’s Owner

“The visibility we now have into our hiring process has played a large part in creating more efficiencies for us, which is something that helps us keep our C-suite smiling.”

– Thomson Reuters Owner

“PredictiveProfiles provides us with an effective, simple to use program that has benefited a number of our franchise partners. Their hiring solution provides us with another resource to select and screen the best candidates in the industry.”

– Culvers Owner

“PredictiveProfiles stood out in a number of ways. But the selling point that edged out the competition was iSelect’s ease of use. The solution is user-friendly across the board: for candidates, for hiring managers, and for our VP of HR. Plus, the amount of data and number of reports we can access with gives us tremendous visibility into what’s working and what’s not.”

– Pawn America Owner

Cost is just $25 per location per month for unlimited applications. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!